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Zuma helps you Do Good Work with everything you need for the office at prices lower than the big box superstores, incredibly fast delivery, and personal customer service from people who care.

In turn, our satisfied loyal customers help Zuma Do Good Work.  We donate profits and time to life-changing charities using a Conscious Capitalism business model.  See our Giving Back Update for results!

What is conscious capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy that business should have a purpose that includes more than just making money. By focusing on its Higher Purpose, a business inspires, engages and energizes the people and elements that interact with that business every day.  See more here about Conscious Capitalism.

What does that mean?

Zuma’s purpose is to help others by giving back and making a difference.  We do this by donating over half of our annual profits to great charities, and volunteering time to local community efforts.  We use the tenants of Conscious Capitalism to guide all our interactions with:


Give back to our community through:

  • Donating over half our annual profits to great charities.

  • Volunteering employee time to local charities and causes.

  • Annual Central Texas Food Bank Food drive - almost 14,000 lbs donated!


Be responsible stewards to our Earth through:

  • A logistics network that uses less energy with lower carbon emissions than other office supply logistics models.

  • Thousands of recycled and green products that are gentler on our earth.

  • An internal recycling program. We recycle everything.

  • A free Ink & Toner Recycling Program that keeps used cartridges out of landfills.


Be honest and fair, creating satisfied customers through:

  • Everyday low prices on all items.

  • Customer service that is knowledgeable and caring.

  • Unique promotions to help you save.


Treat vendors like we would like to be treated.

  • Fair deals negotiated with integrity.

  • Always pay our bills on time.

  • No invalid deductions that cause added work and friction.


Be an example to other businesses.

  • A Conscious Capitalism model helps others AND creates profits, not more costs.

  • Giving back makes the business and community stronger.

Below are some of the charities we have supported since Zuma's founding. They are all highly rated charities that truly make a difference.  Visit their websites to learn more:

Austin Musician Mental Health Services
SIMS Foundation
SIMS Foundation
Cancer Research
The V Foundation for Cancer Research
The V Foundation for Cancer Research logo
Big Brothers Big Sister of America

Save the Children
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America logo
Domestic Violance Support
Safe Place
Safe Place logo
Education for Disadvantaged Youth
Year Up
Year Up logo
Humanitarian Aid
Salvation Army
Salvation Army logo
Hunger Relief
Central Texas Food Bank
Central Texas Food Bank logo
Pets & Animals
Best Friends Animal Society
Best Friends Animal Society logo
Prison Mentorship
Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Prison Entrepreneurship Program logo

Do Good Work with Zuma!

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